We don't want to minimize the mother’s responsibility for the death of the baby, but rather we want to understand there is a whole support network which has let her down. It can be easy to believe that all the shame and guilt rests only on the mother but is that entirely true? 

Often no alternatives to abortion are offered when she’s in an unexpected or difficult pregnancy.  It’s hard to go against the cultural flow.  The mother is responsible for her actions, but usually the build up to the death of the baby involves many people’s actions or inactions .  

Parents and Father of the baby
Her parents are often involved in the decision making process, or the baby’s father. The pressure they exert or the abandonment they threaten will have a huge impact on the outcome for the baby. They are responsible for their actions which led to the death of the baby. 

The Church
Where was the Church? Did they teach her the truth about abortion?  If she attended a church that never spoke about abortion, her leaders there are responsible for their silence.  If she never went to a church beforehand, that doesn't excuse the local church from not reaching out to the society around them to offer friendship and care to those who are confused and frightened. They are responsible for their inaction which led to the death of the baby. 

Medical professionals
The medical services that misinformed her, concealed facts, the doctors and nurses who performed the abortion or prescribed the drugs used to kill the baby- they are responsible for their direct actions in the death of the baby. 

The education system that teaches us when we’re young that abortion is the best course of action when we find out we’re pregnant and the circumstances aren't perfect. The lessons that talk about abortion with such euphemistic language that it’s impossible to discern what will really happen to the baby or the mother. They are responsible for their actions which led to the death of the baby. 

The politicians who continue to allow abortion laws to relax and expand, who put a stop to bills seeking to implement impartial counseling as a requirement before abortion and not only stay silent but push hard to decriminalize it. They are responsible for their actions that led to the death of the baby. 

100% Responsible
Clearly the responsibility of the death of the baby doesn’t solely lie with the mother. It is 100% her responsibility as the last defense against the death of abortion is her body. It is 100% the responsibility of those who encouraged, pushed or enabled the abortion and 100% the responsibility of those who said and did nothing to defend the baby and mother when they had the power to do so.  We are all entirely responsible for every abortion. 

We’re not creating a victim identity for the mother.  Although it’s true,  she has been let down and not protected as she should have been. In that sense she is a second victim, but in Christ she now can let go of that identity. We all can come to Jesus and ask for forgiveness. We can all forgive those who played a part in the death of each baby. This can be challenging and PASE’s Recovery Course covers responsibility comprehensively. Please sign up on the Recovery Course page.