What is the Recovery Course?

The Recovery Course is a free, 8 week course written for and  led by mothers bereaved by abortion.  It is designed to build friendships within the small group taking part, as well as to journey towards recovery together, reliant on Jesus - our Saviour. 

We cover these topics during the course:
  • Judgement
  • Post Abortion Stress Syndrome
  • Hearts and Minds
  • Fathers
  • My Baby
  • Responsibility
  • Forgiveness and Strongholds
  • Concluding in a group day together

Each week allows for discussion about these topics, sharing of our stories, prayer and worship together as well as seeking the scripture for wisdom. 

This course can now be completed online by video conferencing, or in person. Participants will have access to video teaching, course materials, a course WhatsApp group for use between sessions  and the prayerful leadership of two PASE course leaders, who will support your progress through the weeks.

Crucially we look to the truth. We look to the LORD for the forgiveness which gives us peace. We look to Him for the grace to forgive.  We depend on His wisdom to reveal the areas where we have drawn wrong conclusions, and bring them to the Word of God so that we can walk in the light of His truth.

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Chloe's experience

I was met with compassion and honesty, a safe place, ladies who knew the effects of abortion on our lives, it brought true freedom, no longer do I fold up inside carrying grief, self-hatred and shame at the mention of abortion. Through Our Lord Jesus we have forgiveness and a heart to bring repentance and comfort to others in the same comfort God has given us.

Matilda's experience

The Recovery Course led the way to recovering my soul and finding peace and understanding of decision and its consequences. With love and support from the team and God's grace, the memories of utter darkness have been replaced with pure abundant love. Thank you.

Elouise's experience

I just wanted to thank you so much for the gifts you sent and the encouraging note. I also thank the Lord for you. When you encouraged me to take this course, I would never have believed that I needed it. I truly believed that God had brought me through the past and healed me. During these past 8 weeks, the Holy Spirit has supernaturally led me on a path of deep healing from deep places where I unknowingly buried wounds. I’m so grateful for the leaders. I would have never made it through the past weeks without them. Led by the Holy Spirit, they obediently and lovingly are supporting me, guiding me by the hand through these deep places with God’s word of truth.

Wendy's experience

Feeling that I can actually be forgiven and move forward with a relationship with God. I feel that it hasn't separated me completely from him as I had feared and that he still has a plan for me. I feel more at peace that my little ones are safely in God's hands and I can look forward to seeing them one day instead of feeling fear. It has made me re-evaluate my life really and (the timeline exercise) week 8 has also shown me that perhaps I had strongholds and events where the enemy has had influence over my thoughts. I am working on prayer with this each day and hoping for a change.

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