PASE Vision

PASE does not offer counselling, but we will respond to you if you need someone to talk to.

We know that there is no quick fix to recover from the effects of abortion. Although we acknowledge that a weekend or even a weeklong retreat can be very helpful, there is a longer journey that needs to be taken.

PASE seeks to join together those who have experienced abortion to build friendships and support. Each of us at different places in our journey to recovery, each of us with wisdoms and kindness to share as we encourage one another out of ashes and into beauty.

The experience of abortion brings isolation and confusion. Standing alongside those who understand what you’re feeling and can let you know; it won’t be this way forever - brings hope.

Our vision and hope is to see those traumatised and grieving, come to place of restoration and peace so that they too can help those struggling to recover. We can also help those who are considering abortion for themselves to know the truth of what will happen to them and their baby.



  • To increase the understanding of how abortion affects those involved, mother and baby. To encourage everyone to be equipped to support  their friend or family member as they complete the Recovery Course.
  • To facilitate good, helpful, healing relationships that will give bereaved mothers the support and care to assist them in their on-going recovery.
  • To help those affected by abortion see clearly what they have done, and choose a healthy way to recover.
  • To build a community of recovered women to serve in educating the public and their churches about what abortion does to babies and their mothers.